How To Convert Website Traffic Into Leads?

All of the methods of internet marketing help a lot in promoting your product and generating more traffic. You can have more web traffic with search engine optimization by attaining better position in search result pages, you can promote your product or website by giving advertisements on the internet and also you can have more interaction with your followers on social media but all of these things would not necessarily convert your website traffic into leads which are subsequently converted into customers. To do this you have to pass through the four steps process.

Let's have a look at all of these steps to convert common website traffic to leads.

The first step in this process is selecting your offer as the offer is the most important part of any campaign. It's the initial attraction to catch the attention of the visitors of your website and if they find your offer to be valuable then they have a reason to fill out the form. You must figure out what types of people are included in the traffic of your websites and then make your offer accordingly. Your offer should be targeted to type of sales lead that you're trying to attract for instance if you are a communication skills expert then you must create the offer which appeals to business executives and students who want to improve their communication skills.

Once you have decided your offer then you must create some compelling call to action. A call to action is a button that compels the user to the landing pages. Calls to action are everywhere on website pages, in emails and blog posts. They are the key triggered behind the lead generation. When a user is compelled to fill the form on the landing pages then information about the visitors is collected and he is converted into leads. An effective call to action will convert a high percentage of your website traffic into leads.

The landing pages are the pages where your visitors are arrived through the calls to actions and they fill out the forms on these landing pages. You must focused on having effective landing page with creative designs as that would catch the attention and visitors are ready to fill out the form. In addition to the form landing page should feature a clear description of the offer with an image and bullets points that are easy to browse through.

Offers, call to actions and the landing pages are the key elements of the conversion process but you can't stop there. If you want to have a constant improvement in the process of converting prospects into the leads then you must constantly measure and experiment about your product. You should have the marketing metrics to measure the number of successful call to actions, conversion rate of your landing page and the number of leads generated through this process. In order to figure out which element is giving you best results you have to test different offers, calls to actions and landing pages. It would help you to achieve better results.

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