10 Simple Startup Tips For SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO means increasing the traffic of websites by using different techniques to rank it in a better position on the search engine result pages. This traffic comes totally in the natural way without using paid mode of advertising on the internet. Every business should opt search engine optimization to get their site as high as possible on Google and Yahoo search result pages as it helps businesses to grow steadily. Many firms are specialized in providing the services for search engine optimization as it is becoming complex with intense competition.

Here we are giving you 10 simple tips that you can use yourself to increase ranking of your website.

  1. First of all you need to monitor where your website is standing in search engine rankings. You can keep an eye on your page rank by using tools like Alexa and Google toolbar.
  2. Keywords are very important constituent of search engine optimization (SEO). The suitable keywords should be distributed throughout your site including your title, content, URLs and image names. Check out the keywords which are most commonly used by tools like Google adwords and then use your keywords with variation. One thing must be kept in mind that if you are using numerous keywords then there is likely a chance of labeled as a spammer by the search engine.
  3. Using inbound links is a basic step for SEO. If more relevant links are pointing towards your page then there is a chance of attaining better position in the search results.
  4. Site map lists and link all other pages with your site so adding sitemap in your website helps the spider to search your site easily which subsequently results in increasing ranking at the search engine.
  5. Internal links must also be integrated to increase the traffic of your individual pages. Also be sure that links are relevant and beware to not cross the line in excessive linking.
  6. Try to use search engine friendly URLs by naming them with clear keywords. For instance it is easier to understand 'http://www.webdesigningcompany.co.in/SEO-Services' than "http://www.webdesigningcompany.co.in/page?=12"
  7. Avoid flash as it has nothing to with SEO. You can't link to a single page by using it therefore frames, flash and ajax must be avoided.
  8. Search engine spider not only searches the content but also the text which you have given with the description of your image. So try to use the images which are suitable with your keywords.
  9. The content is also an important constituent of SEO. Always try to use the content which is original, fresh and relevant. Avoid any sort of copy pasted stuff as it decrease the ranking of your webpage.
  10. If your content is informative and interesting then try to distribute your content on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For this purpose add badges for share, like and tweet on your webpage. This strategy helps out in exponential growth of your customers.


Although the points mentioned above require effort but if it is followed correctly, it would give you better results by increasing the ranking of your website on search engines.

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